Webinar Day

Spent a good part of my day watching webinars. Watched the Martin Weller one and then Sherry Turkle. I wish I had gotten the information in other ways. There is no way to tell before the event whether something is going to be worth the time I give to it, and that is annoying.

I really liked Weller’s book. I spent some time before the webinar reading parts of it and want to go back and read more. I sent recommendations to my faculty mentor and the technology person at Fielding to read it. But the webinar, well, I could have done something more fruitful. The webinar was organized by the #change2011 MOOC people and they didn’t have their act together. First, it didn’t start until about 20 minutes after it was supposed to. Weller hadn’t even uploaded his slides ahead of time!!!!  Come on  – I understand technical difficulties and am generally forgiving about them, but this one seemed like it could have been prevented if the organizers had spent a few minutes trying things out ahead of time. I will think twice before I listen in real time again.

The Turkle one was OK, but I found a youtube video in which she said basically the same thing only more succinctly. Also, I don’t really agree with her. Well, I agree that time is needed for reflection and that we are learning to communicate at a more superficial level, but I wanted a more balanced view. Well, I guess some people have to take an extreme stance for people to get the point. But she doesn’t tell the whole story about how digital technologies are changing the way we communicate and think, she just tells the down side.

Jeremy (my faculty mentor) sent me info on a webinar that is happening on October 11. I may register and see if I can check it out after the fact, in light of today’s experience. Here is the info:

Many institutions of higher learning are confronted with the challenge of understanding the role of evolving social web paradigms to expand informal learning models, enable academic collaboration and enhance academic engagement. Those institutions will benefit greatly from this webinar moderated by Mark Walston and featuring a discussion between Eli Lesser, Director of Summer Sessions at the College of Liberal and Professional Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and Jon Corshen, CEO of GoingOn Networks. Mr. Lesser and Mr. Corshen will discuss the benefits, challenges and lessons learned over the last two years and also share their vision for tomorrow’s virtual campus and the development of an Academic Engagement Network.

Moving Beyond the Course to the Virtual Campus:
Perspectives on the Evolution of Social Web Modalities in Education

Tuesday, October 11th at 2:00pm Eastern

Information that will be covered:

  • University of Pennsylvania’s social classroom environment and experience
  • New models of social collaboration and online community building
  • Strategies for building a “virtual commons”
  • Models for applying social technologies to distance learning and continuing education
  • Best practices for building an institution-wide network of online communities
  • Evolving trends in the uses of social modalities to enrich the academic life experience

This free Webinar is presented by GoingOn Networks and hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education. All content presented during the event is provided by GoingOn Networks.
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