Taking Off

It seems that now that I have found this landing space, I am ready to take off. I have often said in other contexts how important it is to have a landing page, which I used to “quaintly” call a home space. When several students at Fielding Graduate University, where I am a doctoral student, started a project to explore various technologies in the context of learning spaces, we were having trouble remembering where all the places were that we had created groups and started conversations and agreed early on to have one place where we at least kept all the links to the various tools we were trying out. In a sense those could have been called landing pages as well, since we landed on them. Now that I think about it, I like my term “home space” better because the connotation is that one stays there more permanently and “lands” in other places. I suppose in this new world, there is so little sense of permanency that a landing is as good as it gets. No roots.

I am glad that Doris set up a spot for Lisa and she and I to connect.Although I have been thinking of this blog as my PLE, I sometimes wonder if I shouldn’t make myself a google page as Doris has done. Again, I will see.

The number of people who are asking to join the facebook group (Change 11)  is growing pretty fast. There were 55 people asking to join when I signed into fb this morning. I guess I will go and post an introduction there. I haven’t figured out yet how to decide which groups to join. I think the norm must be that one joins whatever looks like an option and then later sorts out which ones one wants to stay with. At least that will be my strategy.

George Siemens suggested identifying which tools I will use. I made a page and kept a list of what I have joined already: twitter feed, fb, Doris’ Diigo group, and I think I joined another diigo group as well. Oh dear, losing track already, before I have even begun.

I am going on the road today (literally) and will take my notebook with me so that I can track. Interesting. Why am I still writing things in my paper and pencil notebook? After a week without power and the Internet, I guess one reason is that one can’t always depend on technology.

Off I go.


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