Landing Somewhere

Boy, I wish I could figure this wordpress thing out. I want to use it for the Change MOOC I am enrolled in. This could be my blog page, if I could just figure it out. I have no patience for reading directions, so that doesn’t help. I have to try things out. Not that they give directions for anything in this MOOC #change11 ; they assume that you know how to blog and tweet and have landing pages.

I think the value of this might be that I could find a way to manage and organize my learning, which would be great. Right now, my stuff is in so many places, I lose track. I think everyone should have a home page, but home pages don’t seem to be in fashion. Maybe that is what a landing page is. I see that George Siemens has a landing page and when I googled it, after countless pages of restaurants named THE LANDING, I see that the landing page is connected to this word press program. Now if I could just find it.



2 responses to “Landing Somewhere

  1. You have traveled further than I have, Brenda. Your landing/home page is very attractive. I have signed up to stay aware of your new posts and engage in dialogue with you.

    Now that I see your blog page, I wonder about the MyChangeMOOC Google site page and how to make the best use of it in relation to a blog. Maybe I don’t need it but there could be a group purpose for it? The other thing I think about is how open and public I wish to be in documenting my learning process. For me, writing is a multi-step process (I’ve already cut, rearranged, and added to compose this simple message) that I don’t wish to reveal before I’m ‘ready.’ My first efforts are usually lame (sorta like this message :). Maybe I can do a chrono log in the MyChangeMOOC site…just thinking out loud.

    I have had my WordPress account for a while but haven’t done anything with it. Now’s the time to experiment.

  2. Oh, Doris, those are just the questions that I am thinking about. I couldn’t figure out if I needed both a google site page and this blog page. George Siemen’s nine steps said that one should have a place to capture stuff we see en route – and I don’t see that Word Press does that, but I am just learning it, so maybe it does.

    Thanks for mentioning the chrono log. I didn’t see that. I will check it out.

    KPI used WordPress for the ECS site and I think did some stuff with GSCC with WordPress, so that was one reason that I wanted to do the blog here. Lisa has some experience with the ECS toolbox, so maybe she can help us.

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